Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rivier College Republicans Interviewed by NBC & FOX

Rivier College Republicans with statue of Daniel Webster in Capitol Building

From left to right: Elizabeth Villemaire, Treasurer Anoosh Nahikian, Vice President Mike Amaral, Historian Shaun Doherty, Brittany Puleo

Treasurer Anoosh Nahikian interviewed by NBC News

Not only did the Rivier College Republicans meet and hear top conservative speakers at CPAC and take part in interesting workshops, but some members were also interviewed by NBC and FOX News. The Rivier College Republicans also received a private tour of the Capitol Building and were personally escorted to the CPAC conference. The Rivier College Republicans also met and had their photos taken with Senator John Sununu. Visiting Washington, D.C. and attending CPAC gave the Rivier College Republicans many experiences that most people may never have. The future is bright for the Rivier College Republicans.

Historian Shaun Doherty with Jim Angle of FOX News
Ann Coulter delivered a stirring speech criticizing John McCain
Rivier College Republicans in front of the GOP mascot at the Museum of Natural History
From left to right: Brittany Puleo, Vice President Mike Amaral, Historian Shaun Doherty

Vice President Mike Amaral with Jim Angle of FOX News

Historian Shaun Doherty inteviewed by FOX News' Griff Jenkins about Senator John McCain

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Anonymous said...

Great to see that there are a few of us out there on college campuses. I think that if we could all find the courage that you guys have found common sense might actually have a chance at returning to America's college campuses. Keep it up!