Friday, February 8, 2008

CPAC Photos and Hearing President Bush

President George W. Bush spoke this morning at CPAC. He delivered a powerfully stirring speech that highlighted the ability of the country and the President to stand their ground during difficult times and among liberal criticism of so-called "experts.". He urged Congress to pass the intelligence surveillance program that expires next week, saying that the threat of Al-Qaeda "will not expire next week." President Bush stated that the U.S.A. does not need permission from the world,, or Code Pink to protect its interests. He went on to state how his tax cuts, strategy in Iraq, and improvements of education has helped make the country a better place to live. He spoke before a packed room, and people gave him a very, very warm reception. A couple peopled shouted "We love you, George!" One student would always say "Yay...[insert point President Bush was trying to make]" For instance, President Bush said we must protect liberty, and this student said, "Yay, liberty!" Students cheered heavily for President Bush as he outlined the accomplishments of his administration. Here are some photos from CPAC.

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