Thursday, February 7, 2008

Romney Concedes, McCain Criticized

Political news is swirling here at CPAC. Mitt Romney has decided to end his campaign for president. He said that if he continued his pursuit of the White House, then it would be likely that Mrs. Bill Clinton or Obama would win the presidency. He doesn't want to divide the party and has decided that dropping out would give the best chance of putting a Republican in the White House.

McCain was heavily criticized today at the Omni Shoreham, where CPAC is taking place. People held signs that read, "Republicans Against McCain" and "Fight McCain Amnesty," which refers to McCain's so-called liberal plan for allowing illegal immigrants to become citizens and find work. Pictures and more political news will come later as I'm blogging live from CPAC.

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Anonymous said...

McCain was well received at CPAC, there was an overflow crowd to see him (hundreds were not even let into the hall because it reached capacity before he even arrived). The only people criticizing McCain were a few wing nuts that have a complete lack of understanding of government and have an extreme view of public affairs (they are the ones that believe the big lie that John McCain is going to somehow give blanket amnesty and give citizenship to illegals for free). The handful of holdouts and anti-McCain Republicans need to get it through their heads that a vote not cast for our nominee John McCain in the general election is a vote for Hillary/Obama (which means defeat in Iraq, big government takeover of health care, and overall higher taxes.