Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Right Way to Be

It is official. My fellow members and I worked hard to establish the organization we are all proud to call the Rivier College Republicans. This is the beginning of a new era on this campus. We have been bonded together through our moral, social, economic, and geopolitical ideals, in an attempt to educate ourselves and others on campus on the issues that will impact the rest of our lives.

We must be vigilant against those who use propaganda to further agendas, the so called liberal drive-by media, on and off the campus, and must use conservative logic to combat ignorance. This is our mission.

Patriotism, the free market, constitutional liberties, freedom, and national security are some of the many topics on which we will educate our fellow campus-goers. It is my true belief that every student has within them conservative ideals. It is our job to prove that being young and conservative is not only OK, but the right way to be. You no longer need to be scared to say you are Republican.

- M. Amaral
Vice President, Rivier College Republicans

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