Tuesday, October 23, 2007

No Flag for Obama

Barack Obama, the motivational speaker in a politician's costume, refuses to wear an American flag pin. Obama, who accomplished hardly anything during his time in office, says that he "won't wear that pin on my chest."

Obama thinks (no oxymoron intended) that it is "cliche" to show one's patriotism by proudly displaying their support by wearing an American flag pin. Obama thinks that he is more of a patriot by not wearing the pin.

By using that logic, those who wear a cross around their necks aren't true Christians. No, those people, who are proud to wear the cross because it means something to them, are just being cliche.


The next President of the United States should be proud to wear the American flag. The next President should not criticize people for publicly displaying their support of something that means a lot to them, and calling it cliche to do so.

Yet, what does Obama have to display that he is proud of? Not much.

"He has led no causes, fought no major legislative battles in the past two years he has been in the Senate, and seems to be deeply risk-adverse to getting into a principled fight about anything larger than himself.” - Donald Lambro - The Washington Times - 12/14/06


Anonymous said...

I'm by no means an Obama supporter, but if you're going to judge him on something, judge him on his role in the senate like you did at the end of the post, not the fact that he won't wear a flag. While it's not necessarily "cliche" to wear the pin, it in the same respect is not necessarily unpatriotic to not wear it. I'd be willing to bet other candidates are thinking the same thing, but just not saying anything as a method of pandering to certain demographics. Debates over minutia like this detract from real political issues that you should be focusing on and further trivialize and mar the face of American politics.

Just something I thought you should consider.

Anonymous said...

But Obama's record speaks enough about his nature without this petty fact. If this was his first political misstep, I'd give you that point, but since it isn't I find it completely moot and a distraction.

I'm sorry we can't see eye to eye on this.

Shaun said...

It isn't necessarily wrong or offensive that Obama doesn't wear a flag pin, the part I am offended by is the reasons he gives. Obama makes it seem like people like me that always wear a flag pin on their lapels are compensating for a lack of patriotism. The fact that Obama stopped wearing it and the excuses he gave are alarming.