Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thank the Troops

As I am writing this, a brave American has probably just given his or her life to protect mine. However, their death will not be in vain. For they have done their best to not only defend our country and freedoms, but they have also protected the lives of innocent people around the world. We should be thankful. We should be thankful for the courageous men and women, sho serve our country and our cause of liberty. We should be thankful we are living in the greatest nation on earth, which has become a beacon of hope for millions of people. I will honor those who have served this country and thank them whenever I get the chance. Veterans need to know their choice of serving their country was a choice well made, and we, as a nation united, will be forever thankful of their efforts.

All I desire is for people to remember and respect those who died for our country. All I ask is when you hear the Star-Spangled Banner, stand, not because the person next to you has risen, stand up because nobody is forcing you to do so. Stand because you should be proud to be living in America, a nation that has given millions of dollars, prayers, and Americans to help other countries and asked for nothing in return, but a “thank-you.” I want you to be thankful you are living is such a nation as the United States, where you have the freedom to voice your opinion without fear of punishment. Never forget the men and women of our military who died to protect you from harm. They didn't even know you, but they gave their lives for you, the ultimate sacrifice. Today, tomorrow, and forever, be proud to be an American and honor those who have given their lives to keep our country strong. I will.

At this time of the year, our troops need to know that we support them and we are thankful for their brave efforts. Please take a moment of your time and thank a soldier for serving. You can also visit the website below, and send a "Thank You" card to a soldier overseas. It's quick, easy, and will mean a lot to our troops.

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